Review on : Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer vs Mac Studio Sculpt concealer

Urban Decay 24/7 concealer in NSA

IDR 230.000 at FD Market Plaza

Ah akhirnya, concealer yang saya tunggu-tunggu ini tiba ke haribaan setelah…ehm…2 bulan, sejak saya pesan. Pertama kali dibuka, Oh My God….kok warnanya fair/light sekali ya dibanding tampilannya di web? First time I applied, wow, so creamy. I did it directly from the pencil to the under eye. Mengikuti arahan yang ditulis pada web. No brush, no dipping your finger into the pot, or squeezing it. Namun pada akhirnya  membuktikan cara aplikasi saya salah besar. It filled my fine lines. Maybe because i have fine lines on my under-eye area. Terlihat mengerikan setelah beberapa jam pemakaian. It probably different if you have a flawless under eye. I have to be very careful. Nggak bisa kebanyakan sedikit. It will become cakey.

Okey, saya coba cara lain. Pertama saya goreskan dulu di punggung tangan, baru dipulas menggunakan concealer brush (I use my ELF studio concealer brush). Setelah itu saya ratakan dengan jari. (Setelah dipikir-pikir malah lebih ribet :D) Perfect! It blended nicely. Surprisingly, the shade matches my under eye skin tone. It makes the area look brighter. Lingkaran hitamnya mungkin tidak sepenuhnya hilang. Tapi tersamarkan cukup baik. It also lasts for 12 hours without touch-up. Sampai saat ini, UD 24/7 concealer in NSA yang paling sering saya pakai untuk dandan sehari-hari.  ‘Cause it makes my under eye looks brighter. Cuma sampai sekarang saya masih mikir cara merautnya. It says, have to be sharped by UD Grind House Sharpener which I dont have :(. Mungkin saya mau coba pakai rautan NYX. Hope they match.

Chance to repurchase? I’ll think about it.

MAC Studio Sculpt concealer NW 35

IDR 215.000 at MAC Counter

Before my UD arrived, this was my HG concealer. I really love the texture. Even I love it more than UD. Teksturnya cream namun tak se-creamy UD. Agak lebih keras sedikit dan lebih long lasting dibanding UD. It comes in a pot so I use my ELF studio concealer brush to pick it up and apply. Sangat mudah di-blend dan nggak cakey sama sekali. Bahkan saat saya apply banyak-banyak setelah begadang.

Unfortunately, I bought the wrong shade. It really matches my under eye skin tone. So it doesn’t cover well. I need the lighter one. NW 30 or even 25 maybe. Aside that, I would recommend this concealer for you. MAC claims it has a vitamin E to keep your skin soft. Mengingat daerah under eye saya termasuk sensitif, saya pikir vitamin ini cukup membuat saya senang.

Chance to repurchase? High! But this time gotta get the right shade 🙂

I did some comparison between the two, on my eyes. Before I apply Pure Luxe silica powder as primer. After concealer application, I layered it with MAC mineralize loose foundation medium dark. Hope it helps you guys to see the result or even the texture 🙂

The Comparison


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