HongKong Holiday

Oh I know…I know…! It was a last year holiday! But it wont hurt to share it now, right? Actually it was an annual meeting held by my office. The best thing was, they permitted us to bring along family or friend (of course in our own budget :D).

So me and my very best friend were so excited to vacationing out of country “just the two of us”. Well I called it that way,  because we explored and shopped  around every corner of the city of light just by us.

Mong Kok (Ladies Market)

I had a very very bad experiences doing shopping in Ladies Market. No, it wasn’t because its price. It was the attitude of the sellers. Me and Riri had a blast at Tung Chung factory outlet the day before. So maybe it affected us also. Ladies Market’s sellers have a very impolite attitude toward us. Without asking our permissions, they were trying to peek our plastic bags. To see what was in it. They forced us to buy their product, and looked at us impolitely. I hate that. Maybe it’s normal in HongKong. But for me, I’d rather spend all my money at TungChung. Really. We can find branded stuffs with a very low price. Trust me!

Mmm...okay...ignore the guy behind us :D

Tung Chung Factory Outlet, Citygate

Me and my best friend’s favourite place to shop! As I said before, you’ll find branded stuff such Esprit, Benetton, Giordano, Kate Spade, Agatha, Campbell, Crocs, Puma, Adidas, name it. All in a very low price. Oh..Sasa also!  We took bus to go there. But on our last day, we came back using mtr. Exit at city gate station, right after Disneyland station.!

Citygate Station


A must visit place in HongKong. Nuff said! At least you’ll find Disney’s limited edition. Or…dont forget to visit Disney Store at the airport. Some last season stuffs are discounted.

Welcome to Disneyland Hongkon

Very cool sky...

The Fireworks

Cute pins we wore 😉

Light Show at Star Avenue

Come earlier. Find a good spot to see the light dances. It was very beautiful!

see the lights dancing

Jumbo Restaurant

A little warning. Indonesian’s chinese food is completely different with the real chinese food. In Hong Kong, most of them are very oily, sometimes raw (I swear I saw blood in our ducks menu). But you must eat at this floating restaurant. I dont know why, you just must 😀

waiting for the real chinese foods

Hongkong Sweets....mmm..I guess...

Madame Tussaud

Oh well, i never go there before. So it was a quite experience for me. But for Riri that had been there somewhere in Europe :), she wasn’t surprise. The differences only we could find more asian celebrities than the western ones.

Ehm....Johnny, lets go for a date? 🙂

All pics credited to Mikal & Alex (thank you guys :))


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